Dear Value Customers

Duc Phat Fish Food Co.,ltd set up July 2012 as file of government confirm ( As file attached on News)

Real reason for this establishment  is development productive power  from DKPT Seafood in Ho Chi Minh City with different item of dried fish such as like dried squid, frozen bonito, horse mackerel, scad, herring, solefish, parottfish etc . I means froze fish  or coming back squid ,cuttlefish or relavent on squid item in Phan Thiet City

Phan Thiet City has range 4th place in Vietnam seafood for catch and process fish and seafood item after Kien Giang , Vung Tau and Ca mau provice. I put my half mil USD for this project because few reason for closing HCMC, my all suppliers almost in Phan Thiet and my love feeling for this land as well

First name of Duc Phat Fish Food is Duc Fish Co.,ltd only from July 2012 to June 2013. Reason change to my son name, Duc Phat Fish Food co.,ltd is simple ,which happy feeling of adult man like me has first son in life. So , I put one more name for him in my home is Chocolate for bring him sweet and good taste.  My wish for him that when he growth up 18 age he will what I do best for him and my emotion for him is so sweet like eat chocolate

People say “ Win –Win “ not correct for my this 2nd factory . I have put all my capital half million USD from end  2012 to nowaday end 2015 included land cost, contruction , electric power, cold warehouse and labor cost monthly with maintain fee as well . My effort wish to bring high volume turnover or expand marketshare on dried fish field only

So what else you will you say me ? a reply should beSilent is gold ! Victory always come end on tunnel , 3 year is too short term for Warrant Buffet . and for me , 4 year or more can be ….

And a more question , where I drive this factory go on AEC and TPP 2017 ?

Can u help me an answer to my email

Thanks you very much

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