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5/7, 6/8, 8/10 pcs/kg

NW: 9.5 Kg/Block

Glazing: 5% /block

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” I am Bonito ” was an answer of a child to me when I call him from my HCM City to him when he stay at school in Manila Philipine who has father origined Japanese

I was so surprise and then aslo understood that bonito is nice name his father gave me like I gave my son name Chocolate in this homepage show

In fact, bonito is one of seven kind of small tuna, Vietnam say : Ca ngu and special bonito is beauty body fish and fish meat taste so sweek, its nicer and higher price than other his brother and sister as well

Small tuna or big tuna like BIG EYE TUNA or YELLOW FIN TUNA is favor meal in each family each week each month and price of retail in not below 7 usd / kg

My company has export many container of frozen bonito aslo not meet order of big volume asking end of each year

We did this fish under W/O or W/R one in case – block or IQF with capacity 6-10 cont per month depend on sea caught

Please give me your feedback for above writing to email or wechat/ line : + 84 974 125 006

Let wechat, line, viber, whatapp online 24/24

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