Round Scad – Muroaji fishing bait

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60/65 65/70 70/75 75/80 80/85

85/90 90/95 95/100 100/105 pcs / kg for frozen muroaji fishing bait

10/12  12/14 14/16 pcs/kg – NW: 9.6Kg/Box

Glazing:  4%/block

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Technic of catch fish on river and small sea like Eastern Sea #71 could not apply for Pacific ocean to catch whale or big fish on ocean like white shark, hame shark..

Simple of all thing of tools, cage, bait, ship , fishing man … must be huge ,which is similar dimension of baits , big, heavy and stable..

Above is what I heard a man came from Hawaii island when I drunk with him at Okinawa Sept 2016, special on bad weather” fishing days on oceans near Typhoon time, which double trouble on storm on small sea. At that days, bravo seaman can bring land big money

Distance Hawai to Okinawa is not so far , so small world of fishing ships , team crew or captain knew well each other. And Okinawa- Hawai- Fiji is tri-angle for all of them of catching enviroment- fishing battle on day time and meet at a whisky bar to cheer on night time. This tri-angle aslo famous Japan team crew whom has chat group on FB to exchange news and skills , technology of machine all time of day

Technic or fishing skill will writing you next email for below of what I did past time with round scad

Round scad has some private name female scad , ca nuc gai or flat scad which stomach is big and male scad is called ca nuc suong which looks like more nice fish , beauty body fish and almost end – user and client lovely to buy

We has 16 year did this scad fish from dried one to frozen one. Dried or frozen has same difficulty way of process time , urgent to keep fish not to change fish meat, color and taste

Our plan are lucky stay in mainly catch scad area with multi-nest such as trawler fish boat..
Material catch scad are common area included China, Vietnam , Taiwan , Philipin, Indonexia whom has huge ship and boat
Now we have strongly power for supply source from VN sea # FAO 71 each year catching . If small size scad 50/60 pcs or 40/50 , 30/40 pcs per kg  we sold for local market from Ha Noi city & neibour province , high land province as well as big southern VN market

Beside we aslo export a lot container to Malaixia to meet Muslime comsumption and thanks alot to islam countries in ASEAN community not focus HALAL required for fish from sea ,which not stricly required sanistary like BRC, HACCP ,…

We aslo export frozen scad big size

60/65 65/70 70/75 75/80 80/85

85/90 90/95 95/100 100/105 pcs / kg

which we call fishing bait or Muroaji for Okinawa and Tokyo, Hawai, Fiji , Taiwan to supply for ship and vessel to hook and pick whale in PACIFIC ocean

Below is some photo for your reference

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round scad round scad round scad round scad round scad round scad

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