Dried big eye herring

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Dried big eye herring

Size 4/6 5/7 6/8 7/9 9/11 11/13 cm

NW : 1.5 kg/ box

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Dried big eye herring

This is one of our strongly item at Garak market, Seoul Korea. Each year we always meet new competitive since 2005 when I export 1st cont to Incheon port
In Korea , south sea and east sea aslo catch this herring but herring recipes after cooking become soup not prefer than Vietnam herring
Cook and producing this fish is same as anchovy but packing and select size by size is so important,which is decide cliend – retailer or not
15 year export this herring to Korea , Indonexia, Malaixia , Taiwan teach me alot experince on market to understand trends of comsumption
Its perhaps this writing not enought to say 15 year deal herring by me but secret of select and packing before 2014 was always bring me profit stable
But after that , 2015 until now , VND-USD rate and government policy of worker salary are our big barrier because price not up but basic cost of herring producing contisouly up 3-5 month/ times
I need a new way for this if I”d like continsouly
New strategic and new touching for herring sales from now on need to advice from you
I will back with you this writing soon

I am make plan adjust herring processing in 1st warehouse or 2nd factory – outsourcing because profit 2016 under whole year contract is not good idea for continously on this year. Change always on herring market of input and output ask us let big amend which change long time patner, who not give  me and my wife is suitable profit. 2016 herring contract not enough for I  paid bank interest 7% while he gave us 1.3 % net profit. What happend for next ?

Give me your best advice
Thanks and Regards
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