Frozen Black Squid

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Frozen Black Squid

Size 100/150 150/200 200/300 300/500 500 gr up

NW : 9.5 kg/block (case) – Ice 5% or IQF 100% follow your asking

Ice : 5%

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Frozen Black Squid

I say dried black squid first and then I will talk frozen giant squid which now I am processing bulk qty at my plant
Since 2003-2006 We exported many conts this dried black squid to Selangor, Malaixia. My buyer is one of most importer of good repuation in KL and Selangor untill now . I has both factories in there and Vietname side.
Its was actually when he gave me real sample this this BB squid,which other name of black – illex squid or giant squid ? I asked him : ” What is squid ? What kind of this ? Why this has bad smell like this ?
Because seaman catch this squid which alread broken black ink and make cheap price and anyway bulk qty catching with squid receipes not goods while cooking and process was one of reason made price this become cheap . Size of dried one aslo varius : 5-8 cm , 8-10 10-12 12-4 14-16 cm and pig size like 22 cm up looks really fun

Another side, arrow squid has double price than black one and part of squid body like squid tentacle , squid tube, bullhead squid … was I export to Guangxi China, Thailand and Malaixia dealer

We did squid begin dried black squid – or illex squid as Chile or Argentina call and BB squid from Asia people call its since 2003. At that time we pack dried squid in PP bag 30 kg and stuck in dry cont from Ho Chi Minh port to port Klang , Malaixia which use for school pupile eat each small bag 5 cents/ bag
One of big meal process from squid ink I was enjoyed in a bar at Manila , Philipine with high price . This like SHanghai fried rice but has prawn, squid black ink made sauce, squid tentacle, lemon and really receipes very good taste

We aslo did frozen illex squid recently years from my hometown countries of middle VN sea caught # FAO 71 and exported almost China group in Asia East and Norther and sold on wholesales market

Size favourite is 100/150 gr , 150/200 gr,200/250 gr 250 gr up

Price aslo follow more big size more higher one

Why dried squid has down marketshare becuase seaman now likely to do frozen case on ship or vessel or factory freeze blast with faster, high capacity and keep fresh squid
Let you think make frozen black squid more high capacity will make dried black squid ” sharemarekt will turn down

Below is some photo we did export to our clients

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Frozen illex Squid
Frozen illex Squid


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