Frozen Squid

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Frozen illex Squid

Size 70/100 100/150 150 /200 200/300 300/500 500 gr up

NW 9.5 kg/ block – Ice : 5%

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Qty 2700 box/ cont .

4 – 10  conts / month .

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Frozen Black (illex ) Squid

We did squid begin dried black squid – or illex squid as Chile or Argentina call and BB squid from Asia people call its since 2003. At that time we pack dried squid in PP bag 30 kg and stuck in dry cont from Ho Chi Minh port to port Klang , Malaixia which use for school pupile eat each small bag 5 cents/ bag

We aslo did frozen illex squid recently years from my hometown countries of middle VN sea caught # FAO 71 and exported almost China group in Asia East and Norther and sold on wholesales market

Size favourite is 100/150 gr , 150/200 gr,200/250 gr 250 gr up

Price aslo follow more big size more higher one

Why dried squid has down marketshare becuase seaman now likely to do frozen case on ship or vessel or factory freeze blast with faster, high capacity and keep fresh squid

And following are some my opinion for squid exportation for 14 year ago for China market bought squid wing, tentacle squid recipes, squid ring , squid head of dried one
From fresh raw material, with traditional satly way, processing modern way which has many products: Squid, Squid wings, Squid head. At present, We had marketshare in the world at dried products.

Who is dumping market of squid in middle Vietnam ? Its dealer came from border VN – I loaded 1st cont to Xiamen City, China they ask driver where came from and within 7-10 days after that, all factories in my hometown jumping dance with them and together jump to sea

It was Oct 2016, price up within 3 day to half USD, all peoples tension like rocket of Taliban. This black squid aslo follow up price like arrow squid ,which price normally VN or Indonexia 6.5-7 usd / kg for raw one.

Why to happaned ? Frozen bb squid is not big market and long time ago is belong to control of factory in Guangxi, Guangdong, Taiwan ship team and now Vietnam just follower in 2016 for this sector export. Secondly , bb squid catching at my home town has good quality, which so fresh and good ice keeping on ship and good skill selects by seaman for not to broken squid ink

While we catch not so long within 4-5 days come to land for sell , other team ship of my neighbour country is more longer and high cost ice keeping and squid will down fresh level

This is my tradditional product and aslo my hometown products which is our advantage on market dealing

Today one of my buyer asking large size ,which means more difficulty to buy because more big more high price

Techni at factory is keep white color on each case of squid aslo know how. Moreover, each very simple but take long time to learning and then easy to practical and go ahead

When I was in Humansia Apt, Metropolitan City, Incheon , Korea I have chane to eat Illex squid from Argentina and Chile, which call giant squid , really big size 800gr up , some pice 2 kg up

Taste of this kind not difirrent Vietnam bb squid because both of them is cheap one of squid. And when its cheap, fresh and taste aslo follow up. But this squid is suitable for almost has small pocket

Its certainly that volume of catching illex squid of Argentina and  Chile is so big because they has ocean stay in the front of their beach. Vietnam or other Asean countries aslo has not big sea like ocean but smal size squid will earn sweet of squid meat while price is not so high like normally white squid

Who is our buyer ? its is medium class in Asia nation, special Asean and Korea ,Taiwan while at moment ecnomic go straigh, which not up and easy down . So, eat this squid is best choice on each meal, or family meal or drink beer, whisky together

Thanks your reading nd wish your feedback

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Frozen Black Squid
Frozen Black Squid
Frozen illex Squid
Frozen illex Squid


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