Parrot fish fillet

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Parrot Fillet  IQF, boneless clean

8-10 pcs/ bag, IWP, 80-100gr, 100-120gr,

NW 80%-Ice 20%

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Early 2016 , I used to sat down each day of morning 5am during couple month at my 2nd factory” Phan Thiet fish port  to find and photo fresh parrot fish but I have waitng long time after , I thought that I wrong because this place is not land for parrot living

I recognized this point because my next door factory”competitor aslo found its fish and failed , she just buy few kg at that time each month

I didnt know why of above ? Then I roamming to my regularly supplier at my hometown  to see some fish which so big and so heavy like 40-55 kg/pc because as you knew at seafood factory almost girl and lady workers ,who to move this fish before fillet them to table , one parrot fish  was moved by 2 lady” workers as you see below , which worker call that is grand mother- parrot fish

After that I change mine that parrot fish aslo have various size from 200 gr to 40 kg / raw one

This aslo belong to our range of white meat fish fillet ,which has recipes so sweet when chewing done. Baked fish is one of our focus

He has alot of color red , blue , green. We have some difficulty to meet some order has assortment of color

So, we happy you order me free order and size Parrot Fish fish fillet by loin as :80/100 gr, 100/150 gr
2 pcs/ bag with rider/ 1 kg with two range : Baked fish or skin on one,you can enjoyed baked fish fillet with high abit price and easy chewing because boneless
This parrotfish caught on sea ” middle VN # FAO 71 but taste so sweet than basa fish recipes or snapper receipes
Generally, receipes for fish fillet is different on our lips recipes

I appreciate you send me your comment of this parrot

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