Frozen skipjack tuna

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Frozen skipjack tuna

Size 500/700 700/1000 , 1000gr up



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This fish aslo brother ” one of seven tuna of bonito . This tuna calls ” CA NGU SOC DUA ” because some line run long body

This fish aslo supply for can factory . In VN , source supply aslo midlle VN sea # FAO 71 and caught almost to 1000 km belong to Mekong Delta seaside

Recently, skipjack tuna import from Indonexia unless VN effect to bad weather and nothing on sea

Size normally 400/600 gr

600/800 gr 800/1 kg and 1 kg up
W/O , W/R

Some of India salesman aslo offer me this skipjack tuna caugh in there ” INDIA ocean

Market mainly this fish export is Thailand , where famous all the world for canning foods from vet.. to fish can

There are industrial sector and big zone canning food in Thailand and some year ago, Philipine aslo is development export Tuna canning to USA market and begin run a marathon to Malaixia one , which I used to saw a lot of cannng food in Selangor and Penang State
I can say volume of catch this fish larger than twice times mahi mahi fish and triple times of emperor and parrot fish
This qty aslo same as quantity of catch big eye tuna or yellow fin tuna because team of ship at Middle VN big capacity 100 HP machine and live to catch non-stop 45 days on East VN sea and futher sea of east Philipine which near south Hawai and Fiji island nation
this material is a part of important to produce of can food over the world and competitive pricing other can food in EU ” factory which use fish caugh Alantic ocean like Sardine – anchovy ” cheap fish

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Frozen skipjack tuna

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