Frozen Sword fish H&G

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Frozen sword fish H&G

We process clean , gutted , head off as photo below

Weight 10 kg/pc



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Frozen sword fish H&G type : gutted clean or HGT with tail off

Sword fish has 3 main kind , Vietnamese say ” 1. Cá cờ kiếm -2. Cá cờ Gòn -3 Cá cờ lá”

We almost do 1st one and 2nd one , all of them has long sword in front their face. Weight of each pc about 15-55 kg

1st one of sword fish we usually did H&G whole on gutted head on , clean like bellow photo or HGT which is H&G and cut more tail as well  , this one has meat like port meat which so much fat

2nd one of sword  is you see biggest one on corner , 55 kg-160 kg same as one white shark, he can attach a vessel- old one steel by his sword. So when seaman catch him on board , seaman have to cut his mouth with sword immediately to avoid he attach on board ” ship. This kind we can cut loin 2/3 lbs or 3 lbs up ( 900-1300 gr and 1300 gr up ) IWP , 50 lbs/ box

We process clean , gutted , head off as photo below of 1st one and 2nd one

Weight 10-160 kg/pc

We did this type by HGT or HG and loin as well


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